As a Holistic Esthetician, it is important for me to ensure I provide my clients with the safest and most effective skin care for their skin. You will not be put in a box. Your treatment and the products used will be tailored to your skin. Every product I use @ Holistic Organic Beauty is carefully researched, tested, and proven safe for *ALL SKIN TYPES*

*It is also important for me to support our community by partnering with local, women owned, small businesses*

💗 Holistic Organic Beauty’s healing treatments + Buffalo Gal Organics products, bring you natural, beautiful, and magical skincare. From creator, to your skin 💗

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@BuffaloGalSkinCare.com Self Care Mini Spa Day in Calm, Glow, Hydrate and Nourish
@BuffaloGalSkinCare.com THE PERFECTOR pore cleansing serum
@BuffaloGalSkinCare.com Honeyfruit + Hemp repairing cream mask
@BuffaloGalSkinCare.com Moon Ritual wild child cleansing serum
@BuffaloGalSkinCare.com every day glow exfoliating microcleanser
@BuffaloGalSkinCare.com SKIN RENEW hyaluranic exfoliating cleansing milk
@BuffaloGalSkinCare.com Green Magic mask & Pure Gold serum. Tranquility mask & Blue Tanzy serum. Resurface mask & Nectar serum. Pumpkin Enzyme mask & Pumpkin serum
@BuffaloGalSkinCare.com Every Day Glow Resurface Mask
@BuffaloGalSkinCare.com SORE MUSCLE CREAM + CBD

Holistic Organic Beauty’s trusted skin care partner Kasia Cummings is the owner, creator and guru of Buffalo Gal Organics ; the only skin care I trust to use on my clients precious skin. Not only are her products clean, natural, organic and pure, they’re also carefully curated by Kasia. With a background in Chemistry, she is involved in every aspect ; from creating safe and effective formulas, to beautiful packaging. When you step into her boutique, it’s like stepping into a fairy tale! Kasia is always available and willing to help anyone better understand her products.

When you come into Holistic Organic Beauty for a treatment, the first thing I do is assess your skin. Once assessed, I will begin using products specific to what your skin needs. Before you leave, I will offer you a guide on proper ingredients that will protect, balance, hydrate and calm your skin. On your own time, and if you choose, you may take this guide to Buffalo Gal Organics, in person @ 5655 Main St, Williamsville, NY, or online @buffalogalskincare.com where Kasia is always available to educate and answer any questions you may have regarding her products. Together we hope to provide your skin with what it needs in order to remain balanced, healthy and happy!

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