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When I decided to dive into the world of healing, I chose to become a healer in whatever capacity I could. Not just with skin, but to embody overall health. Being a part of someone’s life and journey means so much to me.

Throughout my life I have personally battled addictions and mental health issues. Therapy, gratitude, being purposeful, and finding meaning in life, are the tools that get me through, day by day.

Having over 10 years of sobriety along with continued therapy has inspired me to become an advocate for both. This has led me to holistics, skin care, and ultimately changed my life…

I wake up every day grateful for the life I’ve been given. I get to do something I love and am so passionate about. At the heart of it all lies human connection, the bonds we make, and experiences we share.

For me, what we go through, and how we overcome, are the stories that EMBODY the meaning of LIFE.

This is one of those stories…

Kristin is someone whom I just recently TRULY met although we attended the same high school. Kristin is a couple years older than me, so we would merely pass each other in the halls… but I remember us always smiling and saying hi to one another. As a younger class man, that’s something that always stuck with me.

Kristin’s younger brother Cody and I were friends, and the 2 of us grew closer after high school. We had the same circle of friends and frequented the same parties. He was the coolest, kindest soul with so much insight. He and I would talk for hours about anything and everything. He was one of a kind. He always had this way about him…as if he carried this vibrant light. Cody’s energy was laid back and effervescent. Sadly, as the years went on we no longer crossed each other’s paths, and on May 13th 2013 this world lost his infectious soul.

I was 1 1/2 years sober when I heard about Cody’s death. He was the first of my friends to be stolen because of addiction, and it was a devaststing loss. Wanting to never forget him, I reached out to his older sister Kristin. I told her about mine and Cody’s connection and what made him special, letting her know I would always advocate for him, while bringing awareness to addiction. Soon after, Kristin and I became Facebook friends, and began following each other’s journey’s.

One day while scrolling through Facebook, I read a post written by Kristin that made my heart sink. She was diagnosed with ALS Lou Gehrig’s disease. How could someone so young be diagnosed with this disease?! How could Kristin get this news only a few years after losing a brother in such a tragic way?! How would she live while battling this monster?!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d witness someone I went to high school with diagnosed with ALS. I certainly didn’t think I’d see so much positivity, grace and beauty while she navigates her way through it. Searching for possibilities, and a holistic approach, is how she and I were brought together. After our first visit I realized how special Kristin is. She thinks I’m helping her, but in so many ways she helps me, and has taught me so much.

Spending time with Kristin felt like spending time with an old friend. Her light shines so bright, just like her brother Cody’s did. Her outlook, and spirit inspire, and her tenacity to fight like hell while searching for healing is remarkable.

This is Kristin Goetz’s story about her ALS journey…

“September 12, 2019

This was the worst day of my life. It was this day that I was told I was dying.

The Dr asked me, “what’s your understanding of what’s happening with your body?”

I told him, “it’s FAILING”

“You have Lou Gehrig’s Disease. There is no treatment and there is no cure.”

“I’m dying…”. I replied through tears.

“Yes.” He said. “It is progressive and fatal. I’m so sorry.”

As my doctor delicately explained that my body will become slowly paralyzed over the next 2-5 years, until I can no longer take a breath… my thoughts drifted to the beach and how can I escape this torture ; But the truth is I couldn’t. This was my new reality. Being told I am dying is unimaginable… but I had some sense of relief.

I had spent months in emotional turmoil not knowing how to communicate to friends and family about how scared I was and how much I was struggling. For months my body had been tortured with accelerating symptoms. My mind tortured with fear and crushed hopes, knowing that this was something. But I hoped for ANYTHING other than ALS. Truthfully I hadn’t remembered exactly what ALS was until I started researching my symptoms in July, then it sank in…This was the “Ice Bucket Challenge” disease… At least I now had a diagnosis, and knew for a fact it was ALS.

Every time I visit the doctor’s office, I project how the future will unfold, constantly fighting to regain control of my emotions, it continues to crush me. It is heartbreaking.But I decided early on that I wasn’t going to let ALS define me. I knew as soon as I did it would defeat me. It is this mentality that has taught me to advocate for myself, and seek out any additional treatments that I think my body might benefit from.

This is how I was led to Amanda. I saw a post on Facebook about her holistic approach to well-being And I was intrigued. I reached out to her explaining my situation, inquiring as to whether any of the services she offered would benefit me. We had a lengthy discussion about what she thought would be helpful and I was thankful when she requested a doctors note approving the treatments, as I knew she was truly looking out for me.

I still didn’t have a way to get to Amanda’s practice as it is difficult for me to get out of the house, ambulate through the community, and go to appointments, so she offered the option to come to my home! I instantly agreed and we scheduled my first treatment.

Amanda adapted to my environment, while still being able to set up the way she needed to in my home. After the treatment I felt energized and relaxed all at the same time! Over the next few days my body responded positively, feeling stronger in my extremities than I had in months!

Amanda’s holistic approach to skin care and healing is such a benefit because I know that she is using ingredients that will heal my skin without harming my body. The fact that she is able to be so accommodating, gives me the opportunity to continue these treatments. As my body may experience declines, I know that she can come into my home and continue to provide these treatments for me.

Amanda is a wealth of knowledge, sharing how I could benefit from her treatments, and others she offered for the future. I have since recieved a 2nd in home treatment, and have scheduled a 3rd!
She was professional, while ensuring my best interest at heart. I can tell she truly wants to help me.”

Kristin’s story and the connection we’ve created has given me new perspective, and I can’t thank her enough for sharing. I can’t thank her enough for trusting me with her precious skin, and for her willingness to work with me, while I worked with her. She gave me grace, allowed me to ask questions, and helped me feel comfortable. In turn I was able to ensure her comfort.

When Kristin first reached out, I’ll admit I was a nervous wreck. I wanted to help her more than anything, but was terrified of hurting her. All those fears and anxieties left the moment I walked through her front door. And that’s a testament to Kristin, and her genuine soul. That gave me the strength to comfortably perform the body scrub.

I was hopeful that the holistic treatments I provide matched with the organic products I use would be a good match for Kristin. The specific body scrub I made and  provided for her has healing and calming ingredients. It increases circulation and blood flow, which in turn increases strength. It helps fight fatigue, increasing cell energy, and it rejuvenates and refreshes skin while providing an overall sense of relaxation throughout the body.

Healing is multidimensional, and comes in many forms.

Up until November 2021, the 2 of us never had a conversation in person, and didn’t REALLY know each other, but it felt like we had known each other forever ; And in so many ways, we had.

Whether it was Cody, the universe or both, we’ve realized we are kindred spirits. Both of us on our own separate journey’s, yet somehow always crossing each other’s path. Choosing to remain as positive as possible through whatever life throws at us. Believing shared experience is the core of the human spirit.

Sharing our stories led us to one another, but healing has become the foundation of our friendship, and our hope is to share and spread our message…

A message of feeling lost, but never giving up hope. Of losing loved ones, but finding one’s self. Always searching for the beauty in every experience ; learning along the way, that even though we hurt… we HEAL.

Thank you so much for reading! “Be organic, authentic and beautiful. BE YOURSELF!” Amanda Bott Holistic Organic Beauty

Kristin Goetz & Brody

• • •

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